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ICR Economics’ Ali Ilicak Receives Dual Recognition in the Spring 2024 Thought Leadership Awards by Mondaq

ICR Economics is proud to announce that Ali Ilicak, our esteemed economist, has been honored with the prestigious “Spring 2024 Thought Leadership Award” from Mondaq. Ali has been recognized for his exceptional contributions in two critical areas: Antitrust in Germany and Compliance in Turkey.

Ali Ilicak’s recognition as a thought leader in these domains underscores his expertise, innovative approach, and the impactful work he has been doing. These awards are a testament to his dedication and the high-quality insights he consistently delivers.

Antitrust Thought Leader in Germany

Ali was awarded for his insightful article “Will ChatGPT Take Competition Lawyers’ Jobs?” The article, which appeared in March 2023, included an early analysis of how artificial intelligence will impact the competition law industry.

Compliance Thought Leader in Turkey

Ali received the compliance award for his detailed analysis in the article titled “Sanctions For Non-Compliance With Commitments Related To M&As And Monitoring Trustee Standards (Essilor/Luxottica Case)”. The article examines the Turkish Competition Authority’s (“TCA”) increasing activity regarding antitrust investigations and merger control, with a focus on the Essilor/Luxottica case. Ali’s in-depth exploration of the sanctions for non-compliance and the standards for monitoring trustees highlights his expertise in navigating complex regulatory environments and ensuring adherence to commitments in mergers and acquisitions. His work has been crucial in developing robust compliance strategies that meet stringent regulatory requirements while fostering ethical business practices.

About ICR Economics

ICR Economics offers expertise in economic theory, quantitative techniques, and the application of competition economics to support legal teams in their competition law cases, particularly within the Turkish jurisdiction. With experience on both sides of the table – including backgrounds at the Authority and a successful track record in consulting – ICR Economics brings a comprehensive and practical perspective to clients’ legal teams, ensuring effective solutions and informed decision-making.

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