Meet Our Esteemed Experts

At the forefront of our firm are the pillars of our excellence: our experts. They have shaped the industry’s landscape with deep-rooted experience, unparalleled knowledge, and unparalleled dedication to the nuances of competition economics in Turkey. From foundational roles at the Turkish Competition Authority to influential lectureships at renowned universities, their diverse backgrounds converge into a single, unmatched force in the realm of economic consultancy. Drawing from decades of hands-on experience, our experts, Ali Ilicak and Dr Murat Cetinkaya, seamlessly bridge theory with real-world application, offering clients profound and practical insights. Dive deeper into their impressive trajectories and discover the minds that drive our firm’s reputation.

Ali Ilicak

Ali Ilicak

Managing Partner

Dr. Murat Cetinkaya

Dr. Murat Çetinkaya

Academic Counsel

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