Digital Markets Act (DMA)

Are You Prepared for the New Rule Set? Exploring DMA Compliance Services

At ICR Economic Research, we specialize in mastering the intricate details of competition law with a particular emphasis on the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) and parallel upcoming changes in Turkish Competition Law.

Why is DMA important for Turkish firms?

The Digital Markets Act introduces rigorous new rules for major tech platforms operating within the EU, specifically targeting those identified as gatekeepers. With parallel changes forthcoming in Turkish Competition Law, our deep expertise in competition economics and law becomes even more crucial. We provide your business with crucial insights and strategic advice on adapting to these regulations. Whether you are evaluating your company’s obligations under the DMA, implementing compliance strategies, or exploring new market opportunities these regulations unveil, ICR Economic Research is your expert guide.

Our Services

  • DMA and Turkish Competition Law Compliance and Strategy Consultation: We deliver comprehensive solutions to ensure your business not only meets the standards of DMA and the upcoming Turkish regulations but also excels under these new frameworks. Our services include detailed assessments to determine if your company meets the gatekeeper criteria and thorough guidance on your regulatory duties and privileges.
  • Interoperability and Access: As the DMA sets forth specific standards for interoperability and access, we assist you in understanding these requirements and seamlessly integrating them into your business practices.
  • Risk Management and Auditing: With substantial penalties for non-compliance, our risk management and auditing services are designed to keep your business compliant and informed. We provide tailored compliance audits and continuous monitoring strategies to safeguard your operations.
  • Market Analysis and Economic Impact Studies: Utilizing our expertise in competition economics, we offer analytical insights into the potential impacts of the DMA and Turkish Competition Law changes on your business and strategic advice to leverage market shifts.
  • Training and Workshops: Our tailored workshops and training programs are crafted to equip your team with essential knowledge and strategies for managing both DMA and Turkish regulatory changes effectively.

Our Expertise

ICR Economic Research brings together a team of seasoned competition law and economics specialists, experienced in advising a diverse clientele including multinational corporations, mid-sized enterprises, and dynamic startups. Located in Turkey, we have a thorough understanding of EU and Turkish regulatory frameworks and how they impact global and local market dynamics.

Get in Touch

Are you ready to ensure compliance with DMA and the upcoming Turkish Competition Law changes, or interested in turning these new regulations into opportunities for your business? Contact us today to set up a consultation. Our team at ICR Economic Research is prepared to help your business excel in the evolving digital marketplace.

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