Competition Litigation Support

Our Competition Litigation Support service encompasses a broad spectrum of economic consulting activities aimed at addressing issues related to monopolisation allegations, collusive activity allegations, and damage calculations in antitrust cases.

With our profound expertise in the Turkish jurisdiction, we assist our clients by providing rigorous economic analyses and insights to navigate through allegations and litigations effectively.

Our dedicated team of experts in competition and antitrust economics strives to deliver comprehensive and robust support, aiding clients in understanding and addressing the economic aspects of competition litigations comprehensively and effectively. 

Our services in this domain include, but are not limited to:

Monopolisation Allegations: Offering specialised economic analyses to assess the validity and implications of monopolisation allegations, helping our clients decipher complex market dynamics and assess market power.

Collusive Activity Allegations: Providing in-depth examinations of collusive behaviours and anti-competitive agreements, supporting our clients in presenting clear, concise economic evidence in cases involving alleged cartel activities, resale price maintenance behaviours and other collusive arrangements.

Damage Calculation: Leveraging advanced economic methodologies to accurately calculate and substantiate damages arising from anti-competitive behaviours, aiding our clients in quantifying losses and obtaining fair compensations.

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