Your competition economists in Turkey.

We offer our expertise in economic theory, quantitative techniques, and the use of competition economics, in particular in Turkish jurisdiction, to support legal teams in their competition law cases.

We know how the Turkish Competition Authority works

We have solved our clients’ problems before the Turkish Competition Authority using our analytical and quantitative skills. 

With experience on both sides of the table – including a background at the Authority and a successful track record in consulting – we bring a comprehensive and practical perspective to our clients’ legal teams.

Specialising in defining relevant markets and assessing competition risks, ICR Economic Research offers comprehensive support during merger control proceedings. The team excels in designing economically viable remedies and calculating merger efficiencies, ensuring clients receive expert guidance throughout the process.

We focus on understanding the complexities of competition law, especially the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the upcoming changes in Turkish Competition Law.

We offer thorough economic analyses and insights to help clients manage and resolve competition law disputes and litigation. Our expertise guides clients through the complexities of these legal challenges with strategic and effective approaches.

ICR Economic Research supports clients by helping monitor agreements and behaviours during mergers and antitrust cases. Our strong background in competition economics ensures careful and effective oversight.

We deliver tailored training programs for law firms’ competition and antitrust departments. These programs equip legal professionals with the necessary economic tools and insights to excel in their field.


Damage Calculation

Clients benefit from precise damage calculations in antitrust litigation cases. ICR Economic Research meticulously quantifies financial impacts, ensuring accurate and defensible claims.

Meet our competition economists for insights into the Turkish market


Do you represent clients before the Competition Authority?

While we specialise in providing economic consulting services and do not directly represent clients before the Competition Authority, we actively participate in defense teams or merger notification project groups. We collaborate closely with legal representatives to ensure a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to competition and antitrust issues.

Do you participate in hearing sessions at the Competition Authority?

Yes, we do participate in hearing sessions at the Competition Authority. We present our work and respond to inquiries in the local language before the Competition Board, ensuring clarity and precision in communicating our findings and insights.

What is the initial consultation process like?

Our initial consultation process is designed to understand your specific needs and challenges. We discuss your concerns, gather preliminary information, and outline how our services can provide solutions tailored to your situation. This initial interaction helps establish a clear and mutual understanding of the goals and scope of our collaboration.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of client information?

Maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of our client’s information is our top priority. We have stringent data protection policies and procedures in place and comply with all relevant legislation and best practices to safeguard your information. Any shared information remains strictly between the concerned parties unless otherwise agreed upon.

Which jurisdictions do you specialise in?

Our firm holds a distinguished reputation for specialising in Turkish competition rules. We bring our extensive knowledge and experience in this jurisdiction to provide insightful and reliable economic consulting services to our clients.

Can you collaborate effectively with our legal team?

Of course! We take pride in being a team that is experienced and adaptable. When working with legal teams, whether they are in-house or outside counsels, we prioritize mutual respect, open communication, and a shared goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

How do your services complement legal representation in competition law cases?

Our services provide essential economic analyses and insights that complement legal strategies. We collaborate closely with legal teams to present comprehensive evidence, ensuring that both economic and legal perspectives are integrated effectively to strengthen the client’s position in competition law cases.

We are your competition economists in Turkey.

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