Monitoring Trustee

Our firm brings an unparalleled depth of expertise in competition economics and antitrust to support the essential work of certified audit firms overseeing the implementation of structural and behavioural commitments. We excel in complementing the core services of these firms with our specialized knowledge and strategic insights.

Collaborative Synergy: We are adept at creating harmonious and synergistic collaborations with audit firms, ensuring a seamless integration of our economic and legal expertise with their auditing capabilities.

Expert Analysis and Advisory: Our team possesses a robust track record in analyzing the intricacies of market dynamics, offering advisory services that deeply understand the critical factors of asset sales, divestitures, and contractual nuances.

We are committed to excellence in our role as expert advisors, standing ready to assist audit firms in upholding the integrity of the market through informed and meticulous compliance support. Our mission is to empower audit firms with the comprehensive analysis and insightful consultation necessary to navigate the complexities of antitrust commitments.


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