Ethics and compliance in a diverging world

Ethics and Compliance in a Diverging World: Keynote Address by Ali Ilicak

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, understanding and managing the complexities of ethics and compliance is becoming increasingly important. With this in mind, Mr Ilicak recently delivered a compelling keynote address at the Ethics Day hosted by Danone, an international leader in the FMCG industry.

Using a variety of case studies, Mr Ilicak provided a deep dive into some of the most significant corporate scandals of recent times. The VW (Diesel) Scandal and the Wirecard Scandal highlighted the dangers of corruption and lack of internal controls. The Bud Light Transgender Marketing case and the challenges faced by Adidas in its Chinese ventures demonstrated the complexity of ethical dilemmas in a diverse world. In addition, the fallout between Adidas and Kanye West showed the dangers of navigating complicated business relationships without a strong ethical foundation.

Ali Ilicak’s presentation to Danone

Mr Ilicak highlighted the critical role that ethics and compliance play in today’s diverse world. As business becomes more global and markets more diverse, organisations face a host of challenges. Striking a balance between profit and ethical behaviour, implementing robust compliance systems amidst rapidly changing regulations, and ensuring respect for diversity in all business activities are just some of the issues that organisations need to address successfully.

He emphasised that ethics and compliance are not just about complying with laws and regulations. They are an integral part of an organisation’s identity, influencing not only internal culture but also the public perception of the brand.

Through these case studies, Mr Ilicak conveyed an important message – in a world that’s diverging in countless ways, companies must remain anchored to their ethical standards and compliance systems. It is these principles that will guide them as they navigate the uncertainties and complexities of the modern business world.

In conclusion, Mr Ilicak’s keynote was an enlightening exploration of the role of ethics and compliance in today’s global business landscape. The insights he shared serve as a valuable guide for any organisation striving for sustainable success in a diverging world.

Ethics and compliance in a diverging world
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