Experienced and Specialized Competition Economist

Dr. Murat Cetinkaya


Dr.Cetinkaya is a seasoned competition economist with over 25 years dedicated to competition law and economics. He held various roles at the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA), including

  • competition expert,
  • department head,
  • and Board Member.

Remarkably, he stands as the sole competition economist in Turkey to have held all these prestigious positions at the TCA.

Key Achievements

  • Instrumental in decision-making processes spanning dominance, cartel, merger, and numerous other competition cases.
  • Led investigative teams and engaged in EU-Turkey monitoring and negotiation dialogues on competition policy.
  • Represented TCA in international platforms such as OECD and World Bank meetings.


Possessing a PhD in Public Finance (with specialisation on public economics and regulation), Dr.Cetinkaya’s forte lies in:

  • Empirical methodologies.
  • Quantitative techniques pivotal in competition and regulation.

Consultancy & Projects 

Throughout his advisory career, Dr.Cetinkaya has:

  • Offered expertise in major dominance, cartel, and merger cases.
  • Played roles as economist and contractor in projects funded by diverse national and international bodies. These projects touched upon:
  • Digitalization’s environmental repercussions.
  • Challenges in the value chain.
  • Food security in agriculture.
  • Energy sector transformation.
  • Manufacturing industry’s productivity analyses.

Though his industry prowess is vast, he has a keen interest in:

  • Network industries.
  • Manufacturing sectors.

Academic Contributions 

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr.Cetinkaya:

  • Has been an esteemed lecturer at the Department of Economics, Başkent University (Ankara) for over ten years.
  • Imparts knowledge in courses like Industrial Economics, Game Theory, Law & Economics, Government Regulation of Industries, and Behavioral Economics.

Connect with Dr. Cetinkaya 

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  • Hacettepe University (PhD) – 2011
  • University of Essex (MSc) – 2002
  • Ankara University (BA) – 1996
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